BOSCHDS6MX Series Six-zone Control Panels
BOSCHDS6MX Series Six-zone Control Panels
DS6MX Series Six-zone Control Panels
▶ Six zones and a separate key-switch input
▶ Four user codes, a duress code, and an unlock door
▶ Quick Arm function
▶ Supports up to six wireless RF detectors/sensors
▶ Built-in piezo buzzer
▶ Built-in tamper switch
▶ Fire reset function
▶ Keys back-lit by LEDs

The DS6MX is a compact six-zone keypad and control panel
in one package. It can be used as a stand-alone alarm
system or connected to a DS7400Xi Control Panel for
integrating individual apartment housing units into a large
building monitoring system.
Note Use with DS7400Xi requires DS7400Xi-CHI
with ROM version 4.05 or later.
The DS6MX has six alarm input zones, one alarm relay
output, two solid state outputs and a key-switch input. One
master code, three user PIN codes, one duress code and
one door unlock code are available on the unit.
The DS6MX also supports the use of RF3332, RF3332E,
RF3334, and RF3334E wireless key fobs for arming and
disarming the panel (requires the use of a RF3212 or
RF3212E receiver).


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